Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome Home

My mom wanted to see pictures of our new place, so here we go:
(some pictures are blurry, sorry! and they are kind of scattered)

This is our kitchen from the living room

This is the hallway leading to the kitchen from the living via the bathroom

This is the living room and stairs and a little taste of the opening to the kitchen

Another shot of the living room

Little hallway leading to the master suite (right) or the coat closet (left)

Our front door/entry with a peek at the dining room (taken from the living room)

The wall in out entry taken from the dining room

Dining room taken from entry

Dining room taken from hallway leading to kitchen/bathroom/living room

So, there is a bit of our house. We are clearly ready for Halloween!
Not pictured: Bathrooms, Master suite, Upstairs: Bedrooms, Office, Bathrooms, Hall or Attic.


Brian and Britnie Olsen said...

Your house looks so nice, but you need to show a picture of the outside! How are things going for you guys? Are you liking it there?

Leigh and Greg said...

Beautiful home Jefrilyn!