Monday, October 15, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

My sister, Kaycie, wanted to see the white alligator before he left the zoo. So, we went and saw it again. It is usually just floating in the water, but this time, it was right by the glass!

We also saw a tiger pacing right next to the glass. Not a great picture, but the kids loved it!

Halloween Preview

Tommy tried on his bat costume and wouldn't take it off. Something else he won't take off, his car slippers. He yells, "Go! Go!" at them then runs around saying, "Vrooommm! Vrrooooommmmm! BEEP! BEEP!" It's pretty darn cute!

Snowy Conference Weekend

We didn't get much snow, so we drove up the canyon to play!

Emma fell asleep in the car and missed out, but Silje and Tommy had fun throwing snowballs and playing in the snow with Dad.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Conference Bingo

To keep the kids quiet (and possibly listening) I make them Bingo cards. They get candy to put on each square and then they can eat it when they fill the whole thing in. Tommy started eating his and then put the sticky candy on his card. Maybe next year he'll get the concept.

Dress-ups and Lincoln Logs

Silje, Emma, and Tommy were playing with the Lincoln Logs and having a great time! Tommy didn't play dress-ups, but the girls did! It's fun to see kids playing toys we had when we were little.