Tuesday, July 29, 2008


"Mom! It's stuck again! It won't pull through!"
"Emma, you need to go up and down. Don't wrap it around!"

Great Grands bought needlepoint kits for the girls in Sun Valley. Silje picked it up right away. Emma is great at it too, but she needs a little guidance. In the car, on the way home, I was handed this many times to fix:

Green with...envy?

Silje and Emma decided to use a crayon to color our piano green! This is them cleaning it off:

Sun Valley: Swimming

Liam never actually made it to the water. Tommy did, but he didn't last as long as the girls!

We went to the pool everyday we were there, I think! Silje learned to back float and butterfly! She also put her face down in the water when swimming and gliding. Emma and Tommy liked to just play on the steps. I tried to teach them how to back float too, but how do you teach a rock to float?

Sun Valley: Tennis (or golf)

"I play golf?! I play golf?!"
"No, Tommy. This is called tennis."
Tommy puts the ball on the court and uses his racket like a golf club to hit the ball.
"Yeah! I play golf!!"

Ahoy Matey!

One the way home from church, our little Liam converted to the ways of pirates! Paul opened the door to get him out of the car and found this:

Paul is now 30!

Maybe you have noticed that we like to have costume parties! The theme for Paul's 30th Birthday Party was: the coolest thing from the last 30 years. My mom and dad are Tetris and Pacman. Kaycie and Matt are a CD and an I-POD. I dressed up like Paul, but didn't get a picture. It was fun!

Something Is Missing

Silje lost her first tooth! She was very excited about it!

Friday, July 11, 2008


I was able to get a couple pictures at my surprise birthday party before my camera died! It was so much fun! For my birthday, Kaycie cut my hair. The last picture is of the ponytail she cut off! We were going to get before and after shots, but forgot the before. Oops!

Happy Kids

Liam Looks Good

Liam is so cute in his Sunday clothes! He is also so very cute in anything he wears. He is even adorable wearing nothing! He's just a cute baby!