Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I was on the computer doing something and Tommy told me he was "seepy". I told him to go lay down on his bed and I would come tuck him in in a minute. I didn't think he would, I thought he would go play. A few minutes later it got really quiet and I went to investigate. This is what I found. He was reading The Friend and fell asleep leaning on his bed/mattress. (We are moving things around to make room for Liam, so he currently doesn't have a bed frame, just a mattress on the floor.)

Boys N' Berries

Tommy loves strawberries! We found some at the store that looked so good. When we got them home and washed them, he was eating them like candy! Some of them were as big as him! He just laid on the counter and ate and ate!

Happy Birthday Matt!

Matt thinks Jasmin is the prettiest Disney princess, so we had a Jasmin party for his birthday! He came as Jasmin, Kaycie came as Raja, JoNeale came as Abu (the monkey), Levi came as The Flying Carpet, Paul came as a thief, and I came as a very pregnant Arabian servant or something (I couldn't really find a costume to fit me, so we improvised). We had a lot of fun. We sat around a little table a grilled shish kabobs then played games and had delicious cake!