Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Baby thinks of soccer

He wanted to run and play, too! It won't be long...

Post Game and Team Pictures

T-Ball ~ Game 3

This game was tonight, I think he is starting to really get the hang of it!

T-Ball ~ Game 2

These are from the second game. It was much warmer and Daddy was there to help out!

Hitching a Ride

What Baby has been up to

He likes to play outside (he normally has clothes on)

One Meal Served Two Ways

1st: Served to a happy baby

2nd: Served to a tired boy who just woke up and didn't want to eat

This way is more fun!

Rockin' the Goal

Sis was the goalie for the last quarter of the first game. She did great!

Soccer ~ Game 1

WARNING: there are a lot of pictures!