Monday, August 31, 2009

Little girls + Scissors = New Hair Style

While we were in Utah for my sister's wedding, Emma and Miriam played a lot. Emma's hair kept getting in her face. Instead of pulling it up, she decided to just cut it off.

Really short in the front.

Semi-short on the sides.

So, I gave her a hair cut:

I think she looks really cute!
We think she looks a little like Demi Lavato in "Princess Protection Program".
(Only Emma is much cuter!)


Leigh and Greg said...

Nice job Jefrilyn, she looks great! I didn't know you could cut hair.

Jefrilyn Ellison said...

Thanks! I'm exclusive but really affordable! :)

sarawhat said...

Nice cover up job! I love the bangs!

Jefrilyn Ellison said...

Thanks, Sara. I'm sure you could have done a much better job, but we couldn't get an appointment!

Ayaz Ahmad said...

don't think she is looking cute hair style can increase personality of anyone whether he/she beautiful or not doesn't matter so i always prefer beautiful hairstyle to have charming look and to make beautiful look i use professional scissors made with pure metal