Friday, July 11, 2008


I was able to get a couple pictures at my surprise birthday party before my camera died! It was so much fun! For my birthday, Kaycie cut my hair. The last picture is of the ponytail she cut off! We were going to get before and after shots, but forgot the before. Oops!


sarawhat said...

Look at the hair! How short did you cut it? I want to see before and after pics. Happy birthday!

Stevens1007 said...

Holy Moly, four Ellisons? Awesome. Don't know how we let you guys get ahead of us. I guess we'll spend a few years trying to catch up.
Yeah, it was via your blog that I figured out that Skippy got married....and has kids. That can't be good. What happened to Knob?
Oh, happy 30th to Paul, and I'm off to go play.