Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Park City Weekend

We went up to Park City for a long weekend . It was a lot of fun. The kids keep asking when we are going back again! (Funny thing, we went back up to the Olympic Park for FHE on Monday!) Here we are, swimming away. That was the first thing the kids wanted to do in the morning and the last thing the kids wanted to do before getting ready for bed!

We went for a hike at the top of the mountain. The kids loved riding the gondola. Silje, "I can see the whole world!"

The kids were so tired at the end of each night! They just crashed (after watching High School Musical 1 and 2)

Tommy thought he should get to sleep in the master bedroom in the king sized bed. Little does he know he is only a prince! (Yes, his feet are black from running around! Down to the pool, back, down to one of my family's rooms, back, down to get treats, back, etc)

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